About Us

Special occasions are called "SPECIAL" for a reason. They are occasions that will be remembered most. Special occasions are Celebrations that we spend with loved ones, creating moments that will Forever be stamped in our Hearts. Celebrating Life & Love in Luxury is what we're all about.  

Our Chauffeurs provide Excellent service! They will be professionally dressed for your occasion. They will open and close all doors for each passenger. They will also roll out a Red Carpet, and set up Gold Posts and Red Ropes to separate You from the Crowd.

You can count on our Charming, Courteous, and Professionally trained Staff to give you the treatment you deserve. We will do everything imaginable to ensure complete satisfaction on such a memorable occasion.  

With Passion, Politeness, and Punctuality, we look forward to helping your Dream day become Reality!

MARIO'S CLASSIC LIMOUSINE SERVICE is a Family-Owned company, established in 1994, with a passion to become the World's Finest Classic Limousine Service. We set out to achieve this by offering our clientele the most Elegant, Reliable, and Safe rides around town. Our Brand boasts about Celebrating LIFE & LOVE, in LUXURY!

We assure you, 

"The QUALITY of our service begins where EXCELLENCE ends."