Referral Rewards!


No Experience needed! No Education required! No Work involved!

At Mario's Custom Limousine Service, we value Community and Relationships. We believe in the benefit of a Win-Win approach.

Our Referral Rewards program allows you to easily supplement your income by earning a 25% commission on each client you refer to our services!





WE CHARGE: Weekend (Sat.-Sun.) 2Hr. Minimum = $500

YOU MAKE: 25% of $500 = $125 Per Client!



All "Referral Partners" need "Referral cards" to begin. There are (2) ways to receive "Referral cards." At each event, our professionally trained Chauffeurs will causally pass out company "Referral cards" to the surrounding crowd. Referral cards can also be received by mail upon special request.

"Referral cards" are to be filled out by the person referring, or suggesting our service, and handed to someone who is potentially interested in using, or purchasing the service.

All referrals must be validated before receiving compensation. In order to validate, the referred clients using the service MUST submit their "Referral card" to the chauffeur on the day of their event.

Commissions are paid 5-7 business days after the event is complete. Commissions will be paid via PayPal.



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